Joining the Civilian Committee

If you would like to get more actively involved with the Air Cadets but don’t think that a staff role is for you, then we have a number of positions available on our Civilian Committee (CivCom)

Who are the Civilian Committee?

The Civilian Committee is an integral part of the Air Training Corps. Generally consisted of parents / guardians of serving cadets, though local members of the community may also be appointed. They are the Squadron trustees and consist of a Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and up to seven more members who maintain an active interest in the future of the squadron. The CO and the Sqn Chaplain (if appointed) are members of the CivCom.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Some of the main roles of the Civilian Committee regard the planning of the squadron.

  • They give support to the CO and their staff and should take time to meet the cadets of the squadron.
  • Helping provide or arrange support in terms of finance facilities and negotiation with local authorities or other bodies or individuals as may be required to support these additional activities.
  • Acting as Trustees and account for the non-public funds. The Squadron may be reimbursed for some of its expenditure from public funds.
  • Determining how the non-public monies shall be utilised for the benefit of the squadron by a general vote. The treasurer shall be regarded as their facilitator for the receipt, custody and disbursement of such monies.
  • Assisting the CO with the administration of Squadron premises and their furnishings.
  • Assisting the CO by all means within their power to increase the effectiveness of the squadron; including publicity, PR, finding specialist staff for activities, squadron welfare. .
  • Ensuring that the highest standards of personal morals in conducting themselves as members of the Civilian Committee and not acting unlawfully, imprudently or outside the terms of the charity’s governing document.

Benefits of Membership:

Part of a larger team that enables the youth of today to succeed and thrive in a uniformed military organisation. The opportunity to attend squadron and wing dinner nights. The positive contribution to a youth organisation and the personal development associated with fundraising money for a charity.